2019 Eastland Lunar New Year event


Vision China Times co-hosted the 2019 Lunar New Year celebrations at Eastland, Melbourne’s affluent shopping centre, on 10 February 2019.


This large-scale celebration to welcome the Year of the Pig was held across Ringwood Town Square, the Realm Ringwood Library and Eastland Shopping Centre.


For the 4th year running, this event has attracted large crowds of both Western and Chinese audiences in a vivid display of arts, culture, cuisine and entertainment.

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For many westerners, it was a step closer to learning more and experiencing the wonders of Chinese traditional culture; whilst for the many local Chinese audience, it was a reminiscence of their childhood times.

Entertainment and activities included lion dance and firecrackers, traditional Chinese dance, Tai Chi demonstrations, Chinese traditional instruments ensemble, Peking opera and dragon dances, lantern making, Chinese calligraphy and so on.

Chinese report:

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Chinese article:

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